Flanges are protruding parts that are attached, either externally or internally, to increase strength or stabilise the motions of a machine. They are used as a method to connect pipes or other parts to form a plumbing system.

Such parts come in a variety of materials and types and have various everyday applications. However, since it is a very niche term, not many people are aware of this term. Since it is always a good idea to not trust any random flanges manufacturers before doing your research, let us understand the various uses and types of flanges. 

What are flanges used for?

Flanges have a variety of purposes. Primarily, they are either welded or screwed to attach them. The two main uses of such components are:

  • Connecting pipes and other parts to form a system for the piping of an area. Flanges manufacturers in India set such parts for mainly this purpose.
  • The other use is the fact that flanges allow for easy access for cleaning, or modifying the parts of a plumbing system. This task is usually very hard because such small spaces are quite hard to get into. However, with the help of flanges, this task is made easy.

Types of Flanges

Flanges suppliers will present you with a multitude of different options. However, for an inexperienced person, these terms can be very confusing to understand. Thus, let us understand some of the many options that flanges suppliers in India may present you with. 

  1. Welding neck flange – Such a flange type is usually used in places where high temperatures or high pressures are expected.

  2. Long welding neck — Such flanges are commonly used in vessels or barrels and other such places. Most flanges exporters will be able to provide you with both a heavy barrel type and an equal barrel type.
  1. Slip-on flange — Such a flange type is used to connect to a pipe by two fillets, one of which is put on the inside and the other of which is put on the outside.
  1. Threaded flange — Such a flange type is used in places where low pressure and low temperatures are expected. Most flanges exporters in India would be able to tell you that these are mostly used in water and air utilities.
  1. Socket weld flange — Such flanges are used in areas where small sizes but high-pressure piping are expected.
  1. Lap joint flange — Such flanges are always used in a combination with a stub end. This type of flange helps reduce the all-around cost incurred.

  2. Blind flange — Such flanges are mostly used to terminate a pipeline and stop the flow. They can successfully undergo high levels of mechanical stress due to their bolting.

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