Mcneil Instruments Inc. is a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of chemical hose pipes in India

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These non conductive chemical hoses are used for versatile applications such as for suction and delivery of a variety of chemical, alcoholic and foodstuff products. These chemical hoses are generally installed on tank trucks, discharge platforms, mobile equipment or recommended for implant applications in laboratories, food and chemical industries. Don’t leave room for error when selecting chemcial hoses for critical applications. chemical suction and discharge hoses not only feature the extreme chemical resistance to easily transfer contaminated or hazardous materials, but are also branded and color-coded to make it easy to select the right hose for the job.

Every chemical hose features permanent branding for quick and easy identification. Unique design permits easy, safe handling of the hose. 4:1 safety factor on select hoses (burst: working pressure), exceptional aging, weathering and heat resistance result in safer operation and longer hose life.

Chemical Hose Pipe Manufacturers in India

Mcneil Instruments Inc. is a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of chemical hose pipes in India. With their expertise and commitment to quality, they provide a wide range of chemical hose pipes that are specifically designed to handle the transportation of various chemicals, acids, and corrosive fluids. These hoses are constructed using high-quality materials that offer excellent chemical resistance, ensuring compatibility and safety in chemical processing applications.

Mcneil Instruments Inc.’s chemical hose pipes are engineered to withstand harsh environments and maintain their integrity, offering reliable performance and durability. Whether it’s for industrial plants, chemical laboratories, or other chemical handling facilities, Mcneil Instruments Inc. is a reliable source of high-quality chemical hose pipes in India. Chemical hoses are made specifically to transmit acids and chemicals. They are suitable for any application in which chemicals are pumped or suctioned. Chemical hoses are made of premium synthetic rubber since they must withstand heat, abrasion, and many other harsh and challenging conditions.

Chemical hoses are created for both organic and inorganic liquid chemicals.(Liquids, coatings and varnishes, acids and bases sodium chloride, etc.) They are used for the loading and unloading of liquid chemicals, as well as the transfer of chemicals in chemical processing. (For example, tankers, rail tankers, and IBC containers)for multiple other manufacturing processes, as well as in laboratories, for various technological processes in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. A sufficient grade of chemical corrosion resistance must be available in the inner hose layer.

Product Details
codeI.D.[mm]O.D.[mm]working pressure [bar]bursting pressure [bar]

Mcneil Instrument provides its services across the world. We are offering the greatest pricing and services while supplying it to their regarded and loyal customers. We offer these Chemical Hose at very affordable and reasonable prices. All our products are designed and developed using high-grade raw material and latest technology to ensure that final output meets with international quality norms & standards. Moreover, we check all products on various parameters to assure zero defect.

  • Size: 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 ich
  • Color: Black
  • Single Hose Length: 12m-20m, 20m-30m, 30m – 40m
  • Temperature Range: 35 Degree C up to 100 Degree C
  • Service Temperature Range:-40o F to +158o F
  • Tube:Uniform seamless lining made from a suitable rubber compound resistant to the chemicals for which the hoses are to be employed.
  • Reinforcement: Plies of Woven textile with or without helical wire.
  • Cover: Smooth or Corrugated Cloth marked finish cover synthetic rubber.
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Optimum strength
  • Fine finishing
  • Excellent operator safety as a result of highest quality standards which are met
  • Fully compatible with Polyflex Lok hereby massive time savings during assembly and improved operator safety
  • Usefull in Paper & Pulp Companies
  • Usefull in High Pressure Applications
  • Usefull in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Usefull in Chemical Refinery
  • Usefull in Pipeline
  • Usefull in High Temperature Application
  • Usefull in Water Pipe Line
  • Usefull in Nuclear Power Plants
  • Usefull in Food Processing and Dairy Industries
  • Usefull in Boiler & Heat Exchangers

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  • We have many years of experience in this field as we serve the highest level of quality.
  • The materials we provide are completely verifiable, right from raw material test certificate to the final dimensional statement.(Reports will show on requirement)
  • e-guarantee to give a response within 24hours(usually in the same hour)
  • You can get stock alternatives, mill deliveries with minimizing manufacturing time.
  • We are fully dedicated to our customers. If it will not possible to meet your requirements after examining all options, we will not mislead you by making false promises which will create good customer relations.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What is a hose pipe in the chemical industry?

During manufacturing and material transfers, Chemical Rubber Hose Pipe is made to handle a variety of chemicals, including alcoholic beverages, mineral acids, acids, and alkalies, as well as aqueous solutions of inorganic minerals.

What are the different types of chemical hoses?

Chemical hoses’ inner layers are often composed of fluoropolymers (PTFE, PFA, MFA, FEP), Viton, polyamide, EPDM or EPM rubber, and polyethylene UPE. In the case of suction delivery hoses, they are strengthened with steel wire helix or textile cord, if needed.

What are chemical hoses made of?

The hose is composed of a cross-linked polyethylene tube and is incredibly adaptable. It is wrapped in green EPDM rubber with a wrap-cured finish and strengthened with double-ply synthetic fabric, a wire helix, and copper static wire to dependably handle a wide range of chemicals.