Mcneil Instrument is the Leading Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of High Pressure Hose Pipe in India

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We have trusted names in the market in providing a wide range of High Pressure Hose available in different sizes like Sizes (I.D.) 8mm, 10mm, 12.5mm & 20mm. Our offered hose is required to transfer the general fluids. It is the hose that connects different types of components in the most efficient way in a hydraulic system. In addition to this, our provided product can be made available in different specifications as per the needs of our customers. This High Pressure Hose provided to customers at very reasonable prices.

High collapse resistant hose for offshore oilfield exploration and production applications requiring internal pressure resistance and external pressure support. Hoses are developed for High and Ultra High Pressure applications, combining excellent handling and long service life with superior safety standards. For working pressure up to 80 MPa.

A high-pressure hose is a specialized type of hose designed to safely and efficiently transport fluids or gases under extremely high pressure. Constructed from premium materials like stainless steel, these hoses feature a robust design with heavier wall thickness and hydro-formed construction to ensure durability and resistance to harsh environments. They are engineered to withstand pressures up to 2800 bar (40,000 psi) and are commonly used in demanding applications such as oil drilling, construction equipment, large machinery, and hydraulic systems. The smooth inner core of the hose minimizes pressure drop, while the high-tensile spiraled wire reinforcement provides kink resistance and long-lasting performance. Additionally, high-pressure hoses are resistant to oil, abrasion, corrosion, ozone, and chemicals, maintaining flexibility and integrity throughout their service life, even in extreme temperatures ranging from 40°F to 250°F.

What We Offer at Mcneil Instruments

As a premier supplier of high-pressure hose solutions, Mcneil Instruments specializes in manufacturing flexible hoses and assemblies using top-grade stainless steel and high-quality materials. Our hoses feature robust construction with a heavier wall thickness, hydro-formed design, and exceptional corrosion resistance, making them ideal for withstanding extreme high-pressure environments.

Key Features of Mcneil Instrument High Pressure Hose

  • Materials and Construction: Crafted from premium stainless steel with a durable outer cover, our hoses are resistant to oil, abrasion, corrosion, ozone, and aging, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Inner Core Design: The smooth inner core minimizes pressure drop, while high-tensile spiraled wire construction enhances durability, kink resistance, and longevity.
  • Temperature and Flexibility: Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 250°F, our hoses offer flexibility and require less installation space.
  • Performance Benefits: Low volumetric expansion ensures rapid response times in hydraulic systems, making them ideal for applications requiring tight routing and high-pressure conditions.
  • Chemical Resistance: Our hoses maintain flexibility and resilience in challenging environments, remaining resistant to chemicals throughout their service life.

Advantages of High-Pressure Hose

  • Our high-pressure flexible stainless steel hose is built to last. The outer cover is tough and protects the hose from oil, abrasion, corrosion, ozone, and ageing. This also keeps the wire inside from being exposed.
  • The hose has a smooth inner core, which helps reduce pressure drop. The high-tensile spiralled wire inside is designed for durability and is kink-resistant.
  • This hose can handle high temperatures from 40°F to 250°F. It is flexible and takes up less space when installed.
  • The hose has low volumetric expansion, meaning it responds quickly in hydraulic systems, making it great for tight spaces. It is also resistant to chemicals and stays flexible throughout its use, even in tough conditions.

Industries and Applications of High Pressure Hose

Mcneil Instruments’ high-pressure hoses find application across various sectors including:

  • Oil drilling equipment
  • Trucks and construction machinery
  • Hydraulic systems in large machinery
  • Automotive, marine, energy, and aerospace industries

We offer a comprehensive range of hoses tailored to meet fluid and gas handling needs with working pressures up to 2800 bar (40,000 psi). Additionally, we provide high-pressure hose fittings, connectors, and couplings to complement our hose assemblies, ensuring complete compatibility and reliability in diverse industrial applications.

We are one of the Best Manufacturer and Stockist of High-Pressure Hose Pipe in India

Mcneil Instrument is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of high-pressure hose pipes in India, We specialize in producing and distributing hoses capable of withstanding and conveying fluids under high pressure.

The new industrial power hose Mcneil was created specifically for high-pressure applications. The hose that has longitudinal parts that have been strengthened is the McNeil high-pressure hose. For uses like air, pneumatics, heavy-duty suction and delivery of water and chemicals, it demonstrates its versatility as a hose.

Construction : High-pressure hoses are constructed from a synthetic rubber rubber tube that is liquid-resistant, a layer of reinforced wire braid that is either 1, 2, or Third thick, and a weather-resistant performance synthetic rubber covering.

Usage : Hydraulic devices for industrial sections that control and automating all kinds of machinery and convey pressure and temperature of petroleum-based elements (such as lubricating oil, mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, etc.) liquid with a water basis (such as emulsions, oil-water emulsion, water), gas and liquids transmission. High-pressure hose for oil field and mining exploitation, as well as for use in reconstruction, lifting, and transportation, as well as with mining equipment, ships, injection molding process equipment, and agriculture equipment

Construction Chart
high quality synthetic rubber high tensile steel wire.abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber.-40 °C to +100 °C (-40 °F to +212 °F).

High Pressure Hose Pipe Manufacturers In India, High Pressure Hose Pipe Exporters In India, High Pressure Hose Pipe Suppliers In India

Mcneil Instruments introduces a groundbreaking industrial power hose called Duplon, meticulously crafted for high pressure applications. The Duplon high-pressure air hose is meticulously reinforced in longitudinal sections, making it a versatile solution for Air/Pneumatics and the heavy-duty suction and delivery of Water and Chemicals.

Mcneil Instruments’ Duplon high-pressure hose (air and pneumatic hose) features a robust reinforcement (Braiding) of synthetic yarn sandwiched between two or more layers of Soft PVC. This unique construction reinforces both crosswise and longitudinal directions, ensuring exceptional pressure handling capabilities alongside remarkable flexibility.

Size in mmWall Thickness in mmWorking Pressure at 30°C kg/cm²Standard Length mtrs.

Mcneil Instrument provides its services across the world. We are offering the greatest pricing and services while supplying it to their regarded and loyal customers. We offer these High Pressure Hose at very affordable and reasonable prices. All our products are designed and developed using high-grade raw material and latest technology to ensure that final output meets with international quality norms & standards. Moreover, we check all products on various parameters to assure zero defect.

Specialty rubber products hose manufactured with excellent oil, heat, and age durability are available. High-pressure, pulse-performing hose.
Tubes that are tightly connected and only lightly flex when under pressure.
Hose delivers amazing load bearing capacity and bend strength.
The longest hoses can be up to tens or even more than one hundred metres in length.

  • Replaces steel pipe where flexibility is important
  • A manufacturing procedure applying water pressure to produce complex hollow parts made from pipe-like basic materials
  • Compact design hereby handling and space improvements
  • Compliant with DIN EN 1829-2 thus legal backup and approved safety hazard controlt
  • Excellent operator safety as a result of highest quality standards which are met
  • Fully compatible with Polyflex Lok hereby massive time savings during assembly and improved operator safety
  • Paper and Pulp Companies
  • High Pressure Applications
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Chemical Refinery
  • Industrial Pipeline
  • High Temperature Application
  • Water Pipe Line
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Food Processing and Dairy Industries
  • Boiler and Heat Exchange’s
  • You can get the perfect material according to your requirement at the least possible price.
  • We have many years of experience in this field as we serve the highest level of quality.
  • The materials we provide are completely verifiable, right from raw material test certificate to the final dimensional statement.(Reports will show on requirement)
  • e-guarantee to give a response within 24hours(usually in the same hour)
  • You can get stock alternatives, mill deliveries with minimizing manufacturing time.
  • We are fully dedicated to our customers. If it will not possible to meet your requirements after examining all options, we will not mislead you by making false promises which will create good customer relations.

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The hoses are typically engineered to handle a variety of fluids under high pressure, including hydraulic fluids, water, oil, and other industrial liquids.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What is a high pressure hose?

The most crucial component of contemporary machinery, high-pressure hoses are utilized extensively in hydraulic systems, gas supply systems, and water supply systems to transfer fluids under pressure (oils, fats, emulsions, and other substances).

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a High-Pressure Hose?

1. Material Composition: Opt for hoses made from durable materials like synthetic rubber or thermoplastic for longevity.

2. Pressure Ratings: Match the hose’s pressure rating with the requirements of your application to ensure optimal performance.

Are High-Pressure Hoses Dangerous to Use?

When used and maintained correctly, high-pressure hoses are safe. Follow proper handling procedures and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to mitigate risks.