Have you seen a window screen or a door screen? Or a security barrier? These are the most common uses of mesh wires. This extensively used material is made of fiber, metal, and other flexible substances and looks like a net with multiple strands. Considering its varied applications, there are many professional Mesh Wire Manufacturers in India.


  1. Window and Door Screens
    Mesh Wires are used for screening windows and doors at home. Woven mesh wire is a kind of mesh wire that has tiny openings that allows air to flow into the home while preventing the entry of bugs, mosquitoes, and pigeons. This is the most common use of mesh wires and is extensively used by people across the world. There are various kinds of mesh wires such as mild steel mesh wires or GI mesh wires that can be used for this purpose.
  2. Heavy Duty Fencing and Security Barriers
    Mesh wire is used in various industries such as construction, food production, processing, and manufacturing companies, for wired netting. Mcneil Instruments Inc is one of the trusted Mesh Wire manufacturers in India, that supplies high-quality stainless-steel mesh wires for such heavy-duty and sturdy industrial netting.
  3. Industrial application
    Mesh wires are widely used in mining, construction, food, and chemical industries for processes such as filtration, grading, crushing, etc. Such application requires high tensile strength and anti-abrasive quality as it is applied for processing all kinds of materials, including ores, coal, stones, and different kinds of minerals. Usually, Carbon Steel Mesh Wire and Nylon Mesh Wire are used for this purpose as it provides excellent protection against corrosion.
  4. Fireplace Screen in Residences
    Another common use of Mesh Wire is in houses and bungalows where people use it for screening fireplaces. Such usage requires fire safety and high sustainability, which is offered by copper mesh wires which are a great heat conductor. It also has a rich look and can add to the aesthetics of houses.
  5. Manufacturing Processes
    Mesh Wires are one of the indispensable materials used in the manufacturing of robots, heaters, inverters, and other power automation and storage equipment. Such usage needs mesh wires which offer good resistance against abrasion and low electrical conductivity. Brass mesh wires are usually used for such purposes.

With such varied applications of mesh wires, there is a growing demand of mesh wires both in the domestic and the international markets. Mcneil Instruments Inc is one of the most trusted Mesh Wire Manufacturers. They are also renowned Mesh Wire Exporters, and Mesh Wire Suppliers in India.