Stainless Steel 316H Pipe Manufacturing

Mcneil Instrument, an esteemed manufacturer in India, specializes in producing AISI 316H Welded Pipes and ASTM A312 TP 316H Seamless Pipes. These Stainless Steel 316H Pipe offerings are crafted from a modified version of the 316 material, featuring elevated carbon content for enhanced toughness. Comprising chromium and nickel components, these pipes exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, with some variants fortified with titanium for added protection against acids. The precision in dimensions makes the 316H Seamless Pipe particularly popular, especially in applications requiring operation at high temperatures. Despite the increased carbon content, which bolsters toughness, there may be a slight trade-off in corrosion resistance due to the potential formation of higher carbide precipitation during welding in Aisi 316h Welded Pipe applications.

The most utilized varieties are the Alloy 316H Round Pipe options, with various shapes and sizes available. These pipes offer significant advantages such as enhanced creep resistance, higher tensile and yield strength, and improved heat resistance owing to their elevated carbon content. Mcneil Instrument’s AISI 316H Stainless Steel ERW Pipe finds applications in diverse sectors including the chemical industry, marine environments, and food processing. The Stainless Steel 316H Square Pipe is ideal for structures requiring robustness and heat resistance, commonly found in applications like heat exchangers, boilers, and power plants. Mcneil Instrument ensures superior quality ASTM A312 Tp 316H, subjecting them to rigorous testing adhering to international standards. For detailed product information and pricing inquiries, please reach out to us.

316H Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes

Size: 6NB – 1200NB
OD: 1/8″ – 12″ NPS
Thickness : 0.6 – 12.7 mm
Length: Single, Double Random & Cut Length

316H Stainless Steel Erw / Welded Pipes

Size: 1/8” – 36” NB, 1/4” – 36” OD
OD: 6.35 – 114.3 mm
Thickness : 0.8 – 12.7 mm
Length: up to 26 Meters

ASTM A312 TP316H Specification Format

Standard SpecificationsASTM A312 / ASTM SA312
Dimensional SpecificationsANSI/ASME B36.19M, ANSI/ASME B36.10M
Forms IncludeRectangle, Honed, Hydraulic, Square, Hex, Round
Manufacturing TypeFabricated, CDW, Welded, 100% X Ray Welded, Seamless, ERW
Pipe Bevel EndBeveled end, Plain Both Ends, Treaded On End, Beveled One End, Bevel large end, Bevel one end, Bevel small end, Bevel both ends, Treaded Both Ends, Plain One End
Pipe Delivery ConditionAnnealed and Pickled, Cold Drawn, Bright Annealed, Polished
Stainless Steel Pipe Surface Finish Chart2B, No.4, No.1, No.8 Mirror Finish or custom Finish as per customer Requirements
Wall Thickness ChartSCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS, SCH XS
Other Available FacilityNon Destructive, Export Packaging, Material testing, Polishing, Color Coding, Cutting, Customer Tagging/ Marking, Machining, Ultrasonic Testing, MTR’s Available, Grooving, Threading, Export Documentation, Destructive, Beveling, Threading
  1. Specification
  2. Grade
  3. Nominal Pipe Sizes
  4. Pipe Schedule or Wall Thickness
  5. Manufacturing Method (Seamless / Welded)
  6. Heat Number
  7. Manufacturer’s Name or Custom Logo – on request

Marked Pipe Sample: ANSI B36.19 ASTM A312 TP316H 12″ NB SCH 40S SEAMLESS HEAT NO. XXXX

Mcneil Instrument specializes in providing high-quality materials for various industries, including power generation. Their 316H chromium nickel molybdenum alloy is renowned for its exceptional properties, making it ideal for high-temperature applications. With a melting range of 1375 to 1400 degrees Celsius, this alloy offers superior strength and durability, making it suitable for use in nuclear and thermal power plants.

Mcneil Instrument’s 316H pipes exhibit high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and heat resistance, ensuring reliable performance even under extreme conditions. With a density of 8 grams per cubic centimeter, minimum yield strength of 205MPa, minimum tensile strength of 515MPa, and a hardness of 95 Rockwell B, Mcneil Instrument’s 316H pipes meet the demanding requirements of power generation facilities, providing efficient and long-lasting solutions for circulating water, steam, and other liquids.