A hose pipe is a flexible hollow tube that serves as a carrier of fluid from one point to another. Such a commonly applicable functionality makes it a part of our everyday lives, and not just a requirement for industrial purposes. Hose pipes are generally cylindrical and are available in a variety of sizes. Mcneil Instrument are a leading and trustworthy manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of hose pipes in India. They manufacture various kinds of hose pipes in different shapes and sizes, that can be used for varied purposes.


There are a variety of hose pipes, each for specific purposes. Following are the types of hose pipes available:

  • Pneumatic hose pipes

Pneumatic hoses offer high resistance to high pressure, without the occurrence of splitting. They are also resistant to various chemicals, oils, and other corrosive materials. They are commonly used in pneumatic control systems and pneumatic tools in the electronics industry, oil and gas industry, and mining industry.

  • Water hose pipes

Water hose pipes are used to transport water and are very flexible. They are used in construction, gardening, agriculture, irrigation, sewage system, firefighting systems, and transporting treated water for drinking purposes.

  • Welding hose pipes

Welding hose pipes are used to connect the welding machine with the welding electrolytes carrying gas such as acetylene, LPG, and other fuel gases. They are used for welding, cutting, and allied processes.

  • Chemical hose pipes

Chemical hose pipes are used to transport liquid chemicals for processing in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They are also used to load/unload liquid chemicals in tank trucks, rail tankers, IBC tankers, etc. The most commonly seen application of the chemical hose pipes is to spray pesticides and insecticides.

  • Sanitary connection hose pipes

Also known as hygiene pipes or high purity pipes, sanitary hose pipes are used in industries that require a high level of hygiene, sterility, and cleanliness, such as biological, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic, and personal care industries. They are corrosion-resistant and highly flexible and are commonly seen in bathroom connections and fittings. McNeil Instruments is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hose pipes in Mumbai. It also offers a variety of other products such as fittings, valves, and accessories and is a one-stop solution for all your piping and tubing requirements. Click here to check all the products manufactured and supplied by McNeil Instruments Inc.