Mesh Wire is made by putting together different wires of varying thicknesses into rows and columns. There are an endless number of shapes and patterns that you could do this task in.

Wire meshes are not made only for aesthetic purposes, however, they are made to improve the security of construction projects. Thus, they are mostly used in construction and architecture projects.

Such wires are made with the primary function of structuring, separating and performing other such functions in various processes. The style of mesh you require depends on the durability, flexibility and other such factors of the wire. Such wire meshes are formed using various methods of production, such as welding, netting, weaving or knitting.

Moreover, there are different types of wire meshes as well. The final specifications of the mesh and the materials used mainly determine the type of wire mesh. Wire mesh manufacturers will be able to tell you easily about the kinds of wire meshes available and which one would suit you the best.

Benefits of wire mesh

Did you know that there are several beneficial ways to utilise mesh wire as well? Well, there are numerous applications of such meshes in everyday life. Let us observe some of the many benefits of wire meshes as approved by wire mesh exporters in India.

  • Easy installation

Wire mesh is extremely flexible which makes it easy to install in most areas. One can easily connect them to a surface or wall since they can bend or can be moulded in almost any shape.

  • Visibility

Wire meshes are easily visible wherever they are applied. Thus, in areas where they need to be retrieved a lot and be detected with ease as well, wire meshes are quite advantageous. This is because wire meshes help avoid unnecessary time spent and stock checks.

  • Support

The wire mesh provides immense strength and support to the areas where it is applied. Thus, it is used widely in the construction industry to provide extra support to ceilings and walls.

Uses of wire mesh

Wire mesh exporters will be able to tell you that this material is very helpful in day-to-day life as well. Let us observe the various everyday applications of wire mesh:

  • Making fences and barricades

This is popular use in the construction industry. Wire mesh is used to create fencing around the perimeter to secure the area. This helps avoid any unwanted break-ins, accidents or injuries. Mesh wire suppliers in India will be able to guide you correctly on how to utilize wire mesh in such a manner.

  • Maintaining highways

Wire mesh can be used to close down certain lanes to help avoid congested traffic. Moreover, wire mesh is widely used as reinforcement roads. This can help reduce any cracks or damages on the road.

  • For storage

Wire mesh is popularly used to create temporary storage to store materials. Mesh wire suppliers will provide you with a mesh that acts as a very sturdy form of temporary storage, which is why it is so widely used. Mostly, people use it to make substitute racks.


Wire mesh is a material that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the architecture and construction industry. If you’re looking for mesh wire manufacturers in India, be sure to check out Mcneil Instruments Inc. we provide the best quality materials that are sure to give you the most value for your money.