We need pipe and hose fittings for a variety of reasons. But where can you buy good quality fittings from? There are a number of Hose Pipe Manufacturers in India providing the best quality fittings to all buyers. But before buying it, there is a need to understand the different types of fittings produced by Hose Pipe Manufacturers.

  1. Connection fitting

It is a type of fitting attached to tubes with different methods. Each method has a different purpose and advantage. An expert can use these methods as per need to get different results.

  1. Ball and sleeve fittings

These types of pipe fittings are known to connect a sleeve to a ball. The sleeve is the outer part, while the ball is the inner fitting. The sleeve can retract in order to link or unlink the two ends. They also function as a push-to-link fitting. Such a function is useful for cases where there is a need to frequently link and unlink the pipes. Hose Pipe Exporters find these fittings to be very much beneficial, thanks to their connect-disconnect property.

  1. Barbed fittings

A hose can be connected with the help of a barbed tube. The tube has tapered ridges and stubs which can be inserted into a hose for fitting it perfectly. In situations where low pressure is required, these fittings find themselves useful. The seal provided by these fittings is not very strong. So, they are manufactured and supplied by Hose Pipe suppliers in India for specific purposes.

  1. Cam lock fitting

Tabs are used in this type of fittings which can fold below and lock the fitting in place. Their applications are in heavy-duty hose fittings. Some examples are fire hoses and sewage pipes.

  1. Crimp fitting

Hose Pipe suppliers supply crimp fittings to make crimping connections by keeping the tube-like end and crimping with the sleeve. You may need special tools to make this fitting work.

  1. Compression fitting

Two hoses are fixed together using compression fitting, with help of compression nuts and ferrules. They are used in all kinds of tubing, piping, etc. They are designed to connect two parts of a hose for maximum benefit.

  1. Flare fitting

It is a modified version of compression fitting that has a flared or tapered structure. It is easier to install the hose inside with the flared end for good connection. These are believed to be some of the best connection fittings which can be used in situations involving higher pressures. Not all fittings can work in such a condition. So, if the purpose of using the hose demands a high-pressure situation and strong sealing, a flare fitting would make a good choice.

Final Overview

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